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Robert meeting wiht local Santa Monica voters

Santa Monica Police Officers Association & Santa Monica Firefighters local 1109, City Counciman Robert Holbrook & Santa Monica Daily Press
Endorse Kronovet for Rent Board

is proud to announce the following:

Kronovet earns the endorsement of:
Santa Monica Police Officers Association & Santa Monica Firefighters  local 1109 and City Councilman Robert Holbrook
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"We are thrilled to have earned the support of our hardworking Santa
Monica Police & Firefighters. Public safety is a corner stone of our
city government, Kronovet has been committed to supporting our first
responders year in and year out. As our community grows both in
population and complexity, our public safety personnel can be assured
that Kronovet will stand with them."

"Councilman Holbrook represents the finest elements of an elected
official. For over twenty years Mr. Holbrook has been committed both
in dialogue and action for bringing about the best for the citizens of
Santa Monica."

"These three hard earned endorsements are the finest a candidate can
earn and highlight the belief and support of Re-Elect Kronovet to Rent



Proposed by Commissioner Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Board - April 3, 2012

Similar to many major cities, The City of Santa Monica is stricken with a lack of parking spaces for its residents and its incoming commuters. Contributing factors to this complex condition are due to high-density apartment properties with little to no on-premises parking, a high ratio of vehicles to people, commercial businesses in residential neighborhoods, and a lack of broad-based public transportation. It has become a major municipal issue, as residents are frustrated with traffic jams and parking fines. It is of my opinion that our City Council has failed in their leadership and have began to feel a resulting political backlash.

Santa Monica operates a current total of 34 lots in North Beach, Downtown, Main St./South Beach & Mid-City.

The lots vary in size from 15 to 1,173 parking spaces, and are located throughout the city. Historically, all parking lots were staffed by attendants during the day and evening, and left unattended overnight. Staffing requirements caused an inability to properly audit and manage the parking infrastructure, which led to a loss of income to the city and a perceived lack of service to city residents. The major challenges faced in administering parking in Santa Monica to the resident population are as follows:

  • Auditing and control of municipal parking revenues from one central location.
  • Service—launching a centralized solution for residents for easy and accurate parking subscriptions and discounts in their areas of residence.
  • Increasing the number of automated parking lots to decrease the number of workers needed and improve resident parking experiences.
  • Decreasing resident frustration and time in the parking lots.
  • Providing more service to customers.


Our research has recognized a need for reduced traffic and increased access to parking, as well as the rights of residents to safe and affordable parking. The first step of the solution is to offer all registered residents the opportunity to purchase a special All Preferential Parking Zone (APPZ) stickers that allow them access to on-street parking throughout the city, as well as discount parking in all municipal parking lots throughout the city. The next step is to transform the parking experience for all Santa Monica drivers by providing a comprehensive overview of parking availability at all major city centers and expediting parking entry and exit via a system similar to license plate recognition-enabled pay or Easy Pass systems.

A revolutionary solution to the challenge is to integrate and synchronize the municipal database, combine automated parking systems, and automatically calculate residential discounts at the point of payment through back office software. Other proposed solutions include; on-street signs posting spot availability/and or mobile applications in each zone (to save circling for spots around the city); and a system that reads license plates at lot exits where pay-on-foot machines are used, eliminating paper tickets. This also eliminates vehicle bottlenecks at concerts and sporting events, saving about one minute per car at the exit.

The new proposed system maintains the city’s five parking zones. Residents register with the municipality and are issued license-plate-specific stickers for parking in their own zones. They then park in their own zones or in any zone with the purchase of the APPZ pass, and for a discounted rate in municipal lots. Machines at each facility can read the stickers and calculate the proper rate with no input from drivers, and any fees due are paid at the exit, where a pay-on-foot machine calculates time spent there. Future plans include monthly payment subscriptions that would eliminate the pay-on-foot requirements.

The automation will make it simpler and more convenient for Santa Monica to provide this service via one single central control center. That center consists of large screens that show the municipal parking lots at any given time. Computer stations enable interaction with the on-site equipment, and customers can communicate with the central command and control room via intercoms at payment machines or at the exit gate via an intercom button.

This proposed combination of a smart parking graphic user interface (GUI), inventory control, video surveillance, centralized internet protocol (IP), and intercom communication enables efficient command and control. LED signs / Mobile Applications throughout the city display real-time data that indicate which parking facilities are full, which are available, and how many spaces are open in each


"I pledge to solve your parking problems"



 Kronovet for Rent Board 2012
3019 Pico Blvd # 4
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 829-9303
Kronovet for Rent Board 2012   -   ID #1290187



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