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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2008 Volume 7 Issue 328



Daily Press Staff Writer

Kronovet wins Rent Control Board seat


CITY HALL Property owner Robert Kronovet is celebrating a late campaign victory after

scoring a come-from-behind win in a tight Rent Control Board race.

The Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder/Clerk certified the results of last

month’s election on Tuesday after spending the past several weeks counting absentee and

provisional ballots, which made the difference in a race where the third place Kronovet

slowly gained ground and eventually leapfrogged second place competitor

Christopher Braun. The Republican and property manager becomes the first candidate to win

a seat on the Rent Control Board without the political backing of Santa Monicans for Renters’

Rights, an influential organization whose endorsees won every other race in the election.

“We think we’re going to be able to work and reshape the Rent Control Board,”

Kronovet, 51, said. “It’s going to be wonderful for this city to see a higher functioning

Rent Control Board.” Early returns on Election Day showed

Kronovet holding steady at second place, gradually losing the lead over Braun as the

night progressed. By the morning, results showed incumbent Joel Koury with a commanding

first place lead, followed by Braun and Kronovet for the two available seats on

the board. But as the weeks went by and the votes

were counted, Kronovet began closing the gap. The final tally showed Kronovet

with a 62-vote advantage, or 28.7 percent as opposed to Braun’s 28.58.

“His lead was diminishing every time more votes were counted and we got closer

and closer until a week ago when we passed him by about eight votes,” Kronovet said.




Final results

Kronovet first non-SMRR

member to sit on board


“Now we won by 62 votes. “It’s a thin margin but a respectable margin

because change comes about slowly.” Braun, a chiropractor who ran for the

first time, said that he was disappointed but did not call the outcome a surprise since he

had been following the results the past few weeks.

“I knew there were more votes to be counted and being my first time running for

any office, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” Braun said. “I learned a lot and I know in the

future what to do differently.” The news was equally disappointing to an

organization that has swept every single Rent Control Board race since its inception.

Looking back on the election, which experienced a high turnout, SMRR co-chairwoman

Patricia Hoffman said she would have liked to spend more money on the

campaigns for Koury and Braun, believing the group was unable to reach out to all registered

voters. “I’m afraid we didn’t do all that we should’ve done,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman does not believe that one race will affect the organization’s influence over

local politics. “We’re not happy with the results of the Rent Control Board race and we

think that as long as Bob comes out in favor of rent control, as long as he does his job, we’re

going to be fine,” Hoffman said. Though Kronovet is not a SMRR member,

he does call himself a tenant advocate, making his living finding housing for the

renting population with his business, Kronovet Realty Co.

The long-time Santa Monica resident is also the chairman of the Pico Improvement

Organization. As a property owner, Kronovet said that he will bring a different perspective

to the board, understanding issues that are important to both renters and landlords.

One of the issues he hopes to bring back to the board is the potential smoking ban on

common areas in all multi-family apartments, which is currently being considered by the

City Council. The proposed ban is one that should be decided by the board, not the council,

Kronovet said. The board has expressed concerns about the smoking regulations in apartments,

believing that landlords would use it to kick out tenants who are caught violating the law.

“I believe that smoking issues and housing issues are not City Council issues,”

Kronovet said. “We are elected officials and we are going to start taking back authority

that the City Council is taking over.”












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