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Bring Back Commissioner Robert Kronovet Santa Monica Rent Control Board
FPPC # 1433040
3019 Pico Blvd # 4
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 829-9303
Cell: (310) 261-0690



As Commissioner on the Santa Monica Rent Board, Robert Kronovet is perhaps the only Santa Monica elected official who successfully runs his own family business—The Kronovet Realty Company. Since Kronovet's election, the taxpayers have enjoyed a renewed sense of harmony between housing providers and tenants. The Kronovet asset to Santa Monica lies in his ability to bring understanding and balance to both the majority and minority voices. Kronovet stands for a diverse field of elected officials and promotion of the individual over the government. Through his efforts and commitment, Kronovet has created jobs, developed plans for independent school funding and when elected he will re-direct $20 million dollars away from failing social programs to our school system. The commissioner is working to expand our police and fire departments, direct additional funds for our business improvement districts and will commit the resources needed to keep traffic moving.  Additionally, Mr. Kronovet strives to transition our homeless population into safe housing and job training.


As a licensed and trained Real Estate Broker, Mr. Kronovet currently leads The Kronovet Realty Company founded by his father, Saul Duff Kronovet, Esquire, in 1955.  Kronovet Realty has a proven track record of creating jobs, providing quality homes, and defending equality for both housing providers and tenants. Commissioner Mr. Kronovet is an active member of the Beverly Hills, Greater Los Angeles Area Board of Realtors, where he chairs the Education Committee, serves on the Public Policy Committee, and the Centennial Club. Mr. Kronovet is the Realtor Board's key contact with California Assembly Woman, Julia Brownley. Since 2008, Commissioner Kronovet’s promotion to Director of the California Association of Realtors has allowed him to interface with lawmakers in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and in Sacramento.


Additionally, Commissioner Kronovet serves Santa Monica as Chairman of the Pico Improvement Organization (PIO), a merchant’s organization serving the businesses and residents of the Pico Neighborhood. Under his leadership, the PIO is managing the 5th Annual Pico Festival, a successful event that continues to grow in size and impact. Mr. Kronovet's commitment to his community is further exemplified with his membership in the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce where his serves on the Government Affairs committee.


Commissioner Kronovet and his wife Bracha have raised three children, all of whom found success in the Santa Monica School system. The Kronovet's proudly donate to the Santa Monica School system, various local causes and to their local Chabad. Kronovet and his family have pledged their commitment to making their city and community a successful place for all.


3019 Pico Blvd # 4 Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 829-9303
Kronovet for City Council 2010   -   ID #1322590

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